Fees and Limits

Crypto limits and fees

Cronex charges a 1€ fee for SEPA deposits and withdrawals. However, fees may also be charged by the banking partner. This fee can either be a flat rate or a percentage of the transaction, and it depends on the banking partner in the country you reside in. Additionally, your own bank may impose extra fees for transfers between your bank account and Cronex account.

Fee rounding

Our fees are calculated to the nearest two decimal places, and any fees exceeding this limit are rounded up. The rounding process involves increasing the second decimal place by one. For instance, a fee of 1.123 will be charged as 1.13.

Maker-Taker fees

An applicable fee of 0.1% is levied for both makers and takers as per our fee structure.

Minimum trade amount

The minimum trade amount varies for each trading pair and is determined by market conditions. This value will be shown before confirming the trade.

Crypto Fees

Deposit Fee / Withdrawal Fee
Minimum Withdrawal
Network Fee