CRONEX Compliance and Integrity

At CRONEX, the company is dedicated to conducting business with fairness and openness. The safety of their clients is of utmost importance and they aim to run their operations within legal regulations and in line with good practices and personal integrity. To support this, CRONEX has implemented technical measures and holds an operating license for virtual currency service providers.

Their strategy does not involve any shortcuts that could compromise integrity for the sake of speed. Instead, they focus on a long-term approach that is built on a solid foundation of honesty and integrity. All stakeholders, including business partners, shareholders, investors, employees, and the community, deserve to be treated with honesty and integrity in every step of the way. Compliance is not seen as a necessity but rather a natural part of their daily operations. They value honesty, fairness, and transparency and genuinely care about their stakeholders.

Code of Conduct:

Living & Communicating Integrity and Setting Clear Rules

As a licensed cryptocurrency exchange service, we have put in place a set of regulations related to anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing (AML/CFT). Our internal rules are clear and designed to allow us to work efficiently while minimizing business risks. Adherence to legal regulations, our internal rules, Code of Conduct, and internal guidelines form the foundation of our daily operations and are essential tools in realizing our goals and vision.

At the company level, we have established a set of rules and values that we must all abide by and that make up our code of conduct. However, rules and principles can only go so far in defining how we behave. That's why we've added something more, something that transcends everything else and represents our overall business approach: integrity. Integrity is how we act and work, and how we interpret situations, especially ones that are not covered by rules. This is a matter of corporate culture. It's not just about what we do, but also how we do it. Achieving goals at any cost is not acceptable in our environment. We operate based on ethical standards and everything we do is evaluated in the light of integrity.

Although we can only monitor and supervise our internal operations, we are aware of external factors, such as unfair or fraudulent conduct by third parties, that can harm our clients. To address this, we have allocated significant resources to fraud prevention and established an internal section dedicated to this effort. Although we have limited control over external factors, we are committed to preventing fraud and will never stop working towards this goal. It's part of our commitment to integrity. More information on our Code of Conduct is available.

Compliance Management

Cronex is dedicated to following ethical and compliance standards as a virtual currency service provider. We ensure compliance with legal regulations and internal rules, and monitor for money laundering and terrorist financing risks. Compliance is not just about following the rules, but is also a reflection of our corporate culture and the responsibility taken by our top management and employees to maintain high ethical standards.

Our guiding principle is “doing business the right way with the right attitude,” which is fully integrated into our Compliance Management System.

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