Invite Users and earn 10% of the fee on their exchange transactions


  • Step 1

    Share referral code/link with your friends to sign up on Cronex

  • Step 2

    Get your referees to deposit and trade after registering for a Cronex account

  • Step 3

    Earn up to 10% commission from each trade completed by your referees

Referral rules

  • Each new Cronex user can only be referred via one referral mode. If a new user registers for a Cronex account via the Lite Referral ID/link.

  • Eligible rewards can be unlocked within 7 days after distribution. The Trading Fee Rebate Vouchers will expire after 7 days, after which the rewards can no longer be claimed.

  • Sub-accounts cannot be used to participate in this event. Deposits made via a sub-account or account transfer will not be eligible for rewards.

  • Any deposit via a third-party payment method or from another Cronex account will not be counted towards the user’s deposit volume.

  • Cronex will use real-time fiat currency to USD exchange rate to calculate the deposit and trading amounts in USD.